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Advertising & Public Relations:
Skills & Talents

A typical job in advertising & public relations would require the following skills:

Key Skill Area Requirement
People skills: High
Sales skills: High
Communication skills: Very High
Analytical skills: Low
Ability to synthesize: High
Creative ability: High
Initiative: Medium
Work hours: 40-70/week


People Skills Key
Advertising and Public Relations, like most other marketing careers, requires strong people skills. Advertising and PR jobs require the individual to work closely with a client base who can be difficult and demanding.

Not for the faint of heart
Continual deadlines in advertising and PR can cause high levels of stress and pressure. The advertiser may have to work all night or weekends to ensure a presentation is properly prepared to meet a pressing deadline.

Communication Skills Vital
Probably no other marketing career requires greater communication skills than does a career in advertising. Excellent copy-writing skills are a must for the entry level advertising or PR job. The advertising and PR person must also be able to make a very professional presentation that is persuasive and yet flexible.

Creativity? You better believe it
A successful advertiser will be the individual who can create a commercial message that the consumer will remember. Do you remember the Energizer Bunny who keeps going and going and going? Somebody's career was made with that commercial series.

Competition is Bloody
Competition for beginning advertising and PR jobs is intense. There are many more candidates than advertising positions. You must be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up. An internship in the advertising field is a MUST! Many of these internships will not pay so be prepared to struggle financially. However, the experience should greatly improve your chances in entering the advertising field.

Don't Expect to Get Rich
Bad news - starting pay is probably going to be low. Remember, there are a lot of people that want that advertising job and the advertisers know it. Be willing to start for low pay knowing that as you gain experience you gain salary.

Globally Oriented Players Needed
The large advertising agencies are opening offices all around the world. After years of experience there is a possibility of working on global campaigns. The field of advertising is one of the most global business career options available.

Online Oriented People Wanted
The burgeoning world of web advertising and e-commerce is injecting new, dynamic growth into a traditional field. Look for huge opportunities in designing, arranging and selling online advertising

Are You a Team Player?
The ability to work in a team or to perform individual excellence is important because you will have the opportunity to do both.

You Get Satisfaction
The Advertising and PR fields can result in very satisfying careers. There aren't many jobs which allow your creativity and strategies to come to life to be observed by thousands or even millions of people. Work results are very apparent!

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