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Non-Profit: Facts & Trends

Online Philanthrophy Important
Virtually all non-profits have an online presence and recognize that the web is an important means of reaching out to opinionmakers and potential donors. Helping to build, maintain, and creatively grow their online profile is one of the many kinds of work you can do for non-profit organizations.

Hard, Frustrating and Lonely
Three words that can describe non-profit marketing work. But, on the plus side, you will have work that may have great potential to positively impact people's lives. And, on top of that, you will often get far more responsibility early in a non-profit job than you could otherwise. A great way to build your credentials. It's also worth keeping in mind that non-profit employment is a waystation for many. We recently spoke with the former manager of a public TV station. He loved the job but couldn't handle the stress forever and is now a happy manager of a for-profit service business. The point is that you don't have to assume that you'll be doing this forever.

Volunteer First
A great way to break in with a paying job in non-profit is to get experience as a volunteer. This allows you to build your skills and assess an organization. Similarly, the organization gets to take a look at you and your ability to be impactful.

Jobs are Multi-Dimensional
Jobs in non-profits can often have many more dimensions than jobs in the for-profit sector. You may find yourself dealing with clients, engaging in lobbying, organizing office affairs etc. This can add to overall breadth of knowledge and capabilities.

Donors are Looking for Something Back
Businesses are increasingly looking to get more back from their non-profit dollars. This makes it especially important to work to promote a donor's image with co-marketing arrangements in the non-profit arena.

Marketing More Important than Ever
Because of the growth in the number of non-profits that are competing for a shrinking monetary support base, marketing has taken on even more importance to the organization. As federal budget cuts deepen over time, this is likely to become even more true.

Clients and Sponsors are Key
Non-profit organizations usually do not refer to their target markets as customers. They use terms like sponsor, clients, patients, members, donors, and contributors.

Database Marketing Important
Database marketing is making fund raising a more organized and manageable process. The use of computer technology and telemarketing allows the non-profits to reach potential donors more quickly. Non-profits often cooperate with each other in this regard.

Hospitals and Universities Offer Good Opportunities
Some of the most significant non-profit opportunities are in hospitals and universities. Hospitals are increasingly competing for patients and rely on marketing expertise to help attract them. And many universities have experienced severe funding shortfalls and are turning to marketing efforts to keep themselves afloat. Don't overlook opportunities in this area. You may be able to make a tremendous difference for an institution of higher learning.
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