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Non-Profit: Job Options

Marketing Director
The Marketing Director in the non-profit sector is in charge of all marketing activities for the organization. The marketing director position will vary depending on the size of the organization. Many non-profits have a one person marketing department while larger non-profits may have a sizable marketing department.

Assistant Marketing Director
Assistant Marketing Directors report directly to the marketing director and will perform many of the same activities as the director. Small non-profits will have the assistant marketing director help in all marketing activities. Larger organizations may have an assistant marketing director responsible for one activity such as promotion or fund raising.

Director of Development / Fund-Raiser
The director of development is a fund raiser and his or her job is to organize, manage, and direct the fund raising campaigns that keep a non-profit in existence. The job will entail event planning, personal selling, and potentially a great deal of entertaining activities. The director of development is a critically important marketing job for any non-profit organization.

Event Coordinator
The Event Coordinator position can be found in many of the Non-profit organizations. One of the key methods of raising donations and funds for the non-profit organization is through some form of special event. The Event Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the event ranging from initial planning to implementation of the event. Specifically, the Event coordinator must schedule the event, arrange the event location, and find sponsors of food, drink, finances, and door prizes. In addition, the event coordinator may be responsible for promotion of the event and be available to solve any last minute problems that arise in the implementation of the event.

Publication Specialist
Many organizations spend substantial budgetary resources on publications designed to promote and bring about awareness of the organization. The publication specialist is responsible for designing and creating brochures, posters, newsletters, and any direct mail materials.

Non-profit organizations would have difficulty in surviving without volunteers and interns. The intern and volunteer is typically unpaid but is a very important step in obtaining a full time non-profit job. Interns will perform a variety of marketing functions for the organization in return for experience in the industry.

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