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Retailing: Job Options

Management Trainee
Most well-known retail stores have management training programs. A new employee will spend six months to three years in the various retail operations in order to learn the company and industry. At the end of the training period, an individual will be ready to move into retail management as either an assistant manager or a store manager.

Store Manager
The store manager is responsible for the management and operation of an individual store. The annual evaluation of the store manager depends to a great deal on how the store fared during the year. Most store managers have served time as assistant store managers who take on much of the duty of managing the day-to-day operation of the store.

Buyers are responsible for selecting the merchandise that a store carries and then physically buying the goods. Much of this work will be performed at annual and semi-annual markets. The buyer is continually looking at a variety of products and deciding if they are right for the store.

Department Manager
Department stores contain several small departments such as clothing, accessories, home appliances, etc. Each of these departments is led by department managers who act as store managers on a department level. Department manager is a step to becoming a store manager or going into corporate management.
Every retail store depends on a salesforce to sell its merchandise. One primary difference in retail sales and industrial sales is the customer. Generally, retail customers come to the salesperson and consist of the home consumer. Retail sales personnel must provide a high level of service and expertise.

Regional Manager
The regional manager manages groups of stores across several states, is responsible for reporting performance to headquarters, making key personnel decisions and for monitoring store performance with periodic visits and problem-solving trips.

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